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Body Building Aid



Muscletone is a steroid-free herbal formula that helps strengthen the adrenal glands, increases energy, stimulates the central nervous system and promotes the building and toning of lean muscle mass.



Tong Kat Ali, 165mg

Bee Pollen, 105mg

Lecithin, 85mg

Flax Seed, 75mg

Red Ginseng, 70mg

Damiana, 65mg

Wild Yam, 65mg

Licorice Root, 60mg

Schisandra Berries, 60mg

Siberian Ginseng, 30mg

Tribulus Fruit, 25mg


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    1. Tong Kat Ali, 165mg
    2. Bee Pollen, 105mg
    3. Lecithin, 85mg
    4. Flax Seed, 75mg
    5. Red Ginseng, 70mg
    6. Damiana, 65mg
    7. Wild Yam, 65mg
    8. Licorice Root, 60mg
    9. Schisandra Berries, 60mg
    10. Siberian Ginseng, 30mg
    11. Tribulus Fruit, 25mg
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