Frequently asked questions

Is this really free to play?

Yes this is an absolutely free to play betting simulation with real cash prizes. Please read the rules page for more information on how to play.

My parlay bet isn't going through.

Parlay bets are limited to 200 credits per day.

The lines seem off.

Sometimes there are issues where lines are off. We will try the best of our abilities to get these fixed asap. Please e-mail us if you feel a line is set incorreclty.

Games ending in ties or cancelled/postponed.

All games that end in ties or are cancelled/postponed will be logged as a push. You will recieve back the credits you used for these wagers the following day. If its a new period, unfortunately the credits will be gone.

Prizes say "0"

OT Picks needs to make updates to the apps on occasion, we will try to limit this as much as possible. However approval from the App Store and Play Store take sometime and sometimes do not align with each other so to faily give either users a fair chance, we will pause prizes during this time. We will try our hardest to resume prizes as quickly as possible when all new builds are on both stores.