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  • Are there any chemicals added to the herbs?
    All our herbs are authentically and freshly harvested from Mother Nature with no chemical added. With no artificial substance added.
  • Do I stop taking my Doctor's Prescribed medecines while taking the herbs?
    We recommend you continue taking the medecines prescribed to you by your doctor while taking the herbs. The herbs are foods to your body. The doctors usually get their patients off their medecines when they see improvement in their health condition.
  • Do the herbs have side effects?
    Natural herbs speak the same language as your body. The body does not treat them as foreign elements. So, they do not create side effects. Yet, during the correction process when the herbs are working inside the body to correct some issues, you may feel some discomforts but nothing to worry about or consider as side effects.
  • Do you refund customers in case they don't like the herbs?
    Natural Herbs are from nature and respond to the body with a natural biological language to promote health and wellness. Some customers may not like the taste of some of the herbs if they happen to break the capsules. Other than that, the herbs have no deffect whatsoever and we cannot take them back after the bottle is been opened. No. We do not refund pruchases after they are made.
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