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Bronchial Care



A companion formula to Broncare 1, Broncare 2 works in much the same way and can be used for all ailments of the bronchial passages.



Violet, 235mg
Pleurisy Root, 205mg
Mullein, 190mg
Eucalyptus, 145mg
Elder Berries, 135mg
Elecampane, 105mg
White Pine Bark, 90mg


Broncare 2

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    1. Violet, 235mg
    2. Pleurisy Root, 205mg
    3. Mullein, 190mg
    4. Eucalyptus, 145mg
    5. Elder Berries, 135mg
    6. Elecampane, 105mg
    7. White Pine Bark, 90mg
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