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Brain Care



Braintone contains all the herbs commonly associated with brain, plus other highly effective cerebral tonics. This formula helps prevent memory loss, depression and chronic fatigue



Ginko Biloba, 240mg
Foti Root, 205mg
Gotu Kola, 150mg
Bee Pollen, 105mg
Red Ginseng Root, 75mg
Rhudiola Root, 70mg
Alfalfa, 60mg
Siberian Ginseng, 45mg
Blessed Thistle, 40mg


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    1. Ginko Biloba, 240mg
    2. Foti Root, 205mg
    3. Gotu Kola, 150mg
    4. Bee Pollen, 105mg
    5. Red Ginseng Root, 75mg
    6. Rhudiola Root, 70mg
    7. Alfalfa, 60mg
    8. Siberian Ginseng, 45mg
    9. Blessed Thistle, 40mg
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