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""I was raised in a typical African Home where tasty foods means "good foods'. The main meals consisted of starchy foods, a lot of oil, and salt, and heavy meats. " 



"When you are programmed to believe that 'good food' is 'good for you', you don't get to try to figure out what is in the food and what the food is doing to your body."




"As we both started to advance in age, we quickly realized how fast our body was breaking down and losing vitality with more weight, consistent fatigue, insomnia, and so forth. We started to do our own research on health and wellness and started to make some serious changes and adjustments to what we put in our body. 

The process of change was not an easy one. Food addiction is like a "spirit" in your body. We started to notice how people were dying left and right because of health complications that traditional medical procedures could not cure.


Then we made a decision to be an example. Not only to change the way we treat our body and eat, but also to educate others on health and wellness. We have learned from various herbalists and holistic doctors.


As off now we both have completely changed our diet, look younger, sleep better at night, and feel much more alive because of the herbs available on this website.


We lost the deadly weights, cleansed our body with natural herbs, and corrected all the hidden health conditions in our body, and are maintaining our body in ultimate health.


The beauty of all of this is the fact that we have introduced this path to our children as well. We truly pray that you make the decision to take your own health into your hand and begin to make the necessary changes you know are essential to your well-being as soon as possible.

Alain & Danielle

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